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5 Ways to Prepare for the GMAT Verbal Section

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The GMAT verbal section can be very difficult for some students. Because applicants must have a strong and balanced score for admission to an online MBA program, overcoming those obstacles in the verbal section is essential. Here are five ways to study for the GMAT verbal section.

 1) Take Notes on Content and Strategies

Doing well on the GMAT involves learning the content and strategies. For the most part, there is more strategy than content to learn on the GMAT verbal section. This is because the sentence-correction question type requires outside knowledge. Understanding and remembering this information is important, so be sure to take notes. You are more likely to remember and understand concepts when you write them down by hand.

2) Use Different Colored Pens for Sentence Correction

When reviewing sentence correction content, you will have to write examples of both correct grammar and incorrect grammar. Differentiate between the two by writing them down with different colors. For example, make incorrect grammar red and correct grammar blue. That way, when you think back to your notes, it will be easier to visualize what is correct and what is incorrect.

3) Understand the Relationship Between the Premise and Conclusion on Critical Reasoning

The key component for doing well on the critical reasoning section is understanding the connection, or lack thereof, between the premise and the conclusion. This will help you find any assumption, strength, weakness or flaw in the connection.

 4) Take Notes on the Structure of the Passage in Reading Comprehension

There is a delicate balance between too many and too few notes on the passage for reading comprehension. When reading through a passage on the GMAT, take notes on where things are, not what they are. You can always refer back to the passage for specific details, and if you have good notes on the passage structure, those details will be easier to find.

5) Practice, Practice, Practice

Because a lot of the GMAT verbal section does not require outside knowledge, the most important part of preparation is practice. Going over answer explanations is as important as reviewing the practice problems themselves, since they teach you better ways to do the problems.

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