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10 GMAT Study Tips

If you are interested in an online MBA program, then you will likely need to take the GMAT. While not all programs require the GMAT, many traditional and online MBA programs do. That is why it is important to understand how to study for the test. Here are 10 GMAT study tips to get you started.

1. Assess Your Needs First

Your GMAT study prep should begin with finding out where you strengths and weaknesses lie–what you need to learn. You might excel at some GMAT topics and struggle at others. That is why it is important to start by taking a practice test and determine your weak areas and how far you are from your goal score.

2. Write Down Concepts

Studies have shown that people learn and remember concepts better if they write them down by hand. Regardless of whether you are taking a prep course or studying on your own, it is important to take notes. If you decide that you are interested in a GMAT prep course, you may want to consider the University of Cincinnati’s free online GMAT prep course.

3. Create a Consistent GMAT Study Plan

It is important to create a GMAT study plan that is consistent. There are so many strategies and concepts to learn that you may forget them if you take a few weeks off from studying. To avoid this, make sure that you have enough time to complete your daily study plan. If something comes up that interferes with your test preparation, make sure to complete at least 10 practice problems that day so that you do not forget major concepts.

4. Take Breaks

While you don’t want to take a weeks-long break, taking shorter breaks is an important part of studying and research shows it improves attention. Breaks also give you time to digest the information and return to it refreshed and relaxed. It is also essential to take a break on the day before your test. That way you show up to the exam rejuvenated and full of energy.

5. Differentiate Between Correct Grammar and Incorrect Grammar by Using Different Colors

Many people have visual memories, so when thinking back to your notes, you will likely recall them visually. To complement a visual learning style, write correct grammar and incorrect grammar in different colors.

6. Create Cheat Sheets

To help you remember important quant and grammar rules, make quant and grammar cheat sheets. Write down formulas or shortcuts to keep in mind during the actual test. However, remember that you are not permitted to use these notes or a calculator on the test. Writing down the formulas and rules while studying is simply a way to help memorize the information – it cannot be used during the actual test.

7. Review Answers for Practice Questions

Reviewing the answers for practice questions is just as important as doing the practice questions themselves. Make sure to take the time to go over your answers, especially for the questions you get wrong, so that you can learn from your mistakes.

8. Create a Process of Elimination Chart

You are not allowed to actually write on the test. You can only write on separate note boards. This makes the process of elimination difficult, so create a chart with rows labeled A through E so you do not have to continually rewrite them.

9. Memorize for Faster Mental Math

If you want to improve your timing on quant, memorize the common math concepts so you can work through the quant section faster. The most common are:

  • 1-10 times table.
  • 1-10 squares and cubes.
  • 2 squared – 2 to the tenth.
  • decimal values for 1/2 – 1/9.

10. Take Many Full-Length Practice Tests

It is important to take many full-length practice tests so you get used to concentrating for four hours. The practice tests are the only way to complete all the sections under test-like conditions. You can get two free from GMAC.

If your degree program requires the GMAT, these GMAT study tips can help you prepare for the test.

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